2017 Directors’ Academy Sessions Will Include:

Hear It…Fix It…Feel It Richard Floyd
What about the intangible elements of music that give us the “goose bump moments?” This session will explore specific strategies to artistic music-making.

Vertical TeachingJarrett Lipman
Aligning middle schools to high school, and encouraging different teaching strategies, exercises, and ideas to achieve the same end result: a strong, well-rounded musician.

Being the CEO of Your Band Program – Darrin Davis
Managing and leading your students, staff, boosters and consultants

It’s Not Just Concert FJarrett Lipman
A clinic sharing many ways to build upon “F Remington” and how these tools can ultimately serve the greater purpose of building string players and greater musicians.

Show Concepts in Design for Small BandsMichael Gray & Lee Carlson
This “Hands on” session will guide you through the development of a Program Concept directly aimed at smaller programs.

Marketing Your Band ProgramJames Stephens
Highly effective music educators must possess the entrepreneurial skills to successfully recruit, promote and market their program. We will uncover best practices to better advocate for your ensemble. The success stories highlighted in this session will give you the tools to better promote your program while strengthening your “brand” in your community.

Inside the CircleMatt Harloff, Ben Harloff and the Carolina Crown Brass
You are Invited Inside the Carolina Crown Brass Circle for an Up Close and Personal Experience

Insights into Programming and DesignDavid Starnes and the Carolina Crown Design Team – Michael Klesch, Thom Hannum, Jeff Sacktig
Discussion of How Carolina Crown Makes Program Decisions and Views the Entire Process

Drill Design I and IIBob Buckner

Creating, Designing and Maintaining a Successful Jazz Education Program – Dick Dunscomb
A workshop designed to provide a foundation and structure on which to build a successful jazz program.

Developing the Marching Band SoundGino Cipriani
A clinic that explores the many factors that affect the overall tone of a marching band exploring the possibilities for bands of all different sizes.

Foundations of a Successful Booster Club – Advantage 1: Organizational HealthDavid Vandewalker
This session will share insights in developing a new framework for creating dynamic, thriving organization with a healthy team of people empowered to bring about change in the total organization.

Building Musicality through Basic Fundamentals – Jager Loyde
There is more than one way to play “F around the room.” This session will provide directors with basic fundamental techniques that improve the quality level of the individual musician by increasing students’ critical thinking skills.

What They See Is What You GetRichard Floyd
Did you know that up to 2/3rds of all communication between people is non-verbal? Come consider ways to enhance your ability to teach, influence outcomes and make music through gesture and non-verbal communication.

Bridging the Gap: Creative Adaptations of Ensemble Fundamentals – Steve Meyer
With limited rehearsal time and complex contest repertoire, this clinic will show directors how to bridge the gap between fundamental exercises and repertoire actually being performed. Through creative exercises, directors can more easily transition their students from what is mastered in the warm-up to the more complex rhythms, harmonies, and melodies found within in the music.

Room to Grow: Fostering Leadership Capacity Within Your Staff – Jager Loyde
This session outlines the process of “how” to establish the right climate for team building and “why” capacity building is so important for instrumental musicians and educators. Learn how to “begin with the end in mind” and personally develop a Mentor’s Mindset as you help your fellow musicians grow professionally and recognize their own potential.

The Brass TriangleGino Cipriani
The brass triangle is at the heart of the technique program for the Boston Crusaders. Participants will learn about fundamentals, exercises, and pedagogical concepts to apply.

Cleaning the Visual ProgramRon Hardin and the Carolina Crown Staff

Full Music Ensemble TechniquesMichael Klesh, Thom Hannum, and the Carolina Crown Staff
Crown music staff discusses and demonstrates ensemble strategies for performance success.

Exploring Show Concepts in DesignMichael Gray & Lee Carlson
This “hands on” session will guide you through the development of a Program Concept.

Designing Total Program SuccessBobby Lambert & Jeff Young

Foundations of a Successful Booster Club – Advantage 2: Strong RelationshipsDavid Vandewalker
This session will provide a blueprint for creating leadership and teamwork for expanding your volunteer base and how to better organize and empower that base to develop an army of volunteers.

Color Guard Techniques – Joey Powell, Rick Subel, and the Carolina Crown Color Guard
Crown Color Guard staff discuss and demonstrate successful design and performance techniques.

Integrating Technology in the Front Ensemble – Carolina Crown, Jim Ancona
Strategies to enhance front ensemble performance through technology integration.

Electronics and Marching Band: Integrating 21st Century Technology – Jager Loyd
Discuss current marching band trends that integrate electronics and music. You will leave this session with a better understanding of how electronics can enhance the marching band program and obtain a toolkit of resources to help you develop a technology integration plan at your own pace.

Empower to SucceedJeremy Spicer
The team creates the culture, the culture creates the experience, the experience leads to success. this session will provide tools as well as proven systems.

Successful Teaching Strategies for the Modern Marching band – Darrin Davis
A collection of effective rehearsal strategies to maximize productivity and efficiency of your marching band.

You Be the Judge: Understanding the Nuances of Marching Music AssessmentJohn Phillips
This session is for those interested in knowing the how, what, and why certain areas are evaluated.

Judging the Visual PerformanceJohn Phillips, Michael Gray, and Lee Carlson
This session involves “real time” visual judge commentary during Carolina Crown performance.

Judging the Musical PerformanceJohn Phillips, Glenn Fugett, and Darrin Davis
This session involves “real time” music judge commentary during Carolina Crown performance.

Championship Percussion: Carolina Crown Percussion (STADIUM) Thom Hannum
The Crown percussion staff discusses and demonstrates percussion performance strategies.

Legal Implications for Band StaffBarry Morgan
Understanding the complex legal world of Education and how you can prevent problems.

The Art Within the Art of DesignMichael Gray
An entertainingly abstract exploration that relates the essential techniques and thought processes in making a painting to art of designing and realizing a great show design in you marching band show.

Foundations of a Successful Booster Club: Advantage 3David Vandewalker
The successful modern day booster club is much more than a monthly parent meeting. This session will provide practical tips for building projects and communicate the plan.

Rehearsing the Band: Universal Lessons from Extraordinary Directors – Steve Meyer
When 11 of the finest high school band directors in America, each with 25 to 40 years of experience, were asked how they rehearsed their ensembles and developed programs of national excellence, several fascinating themes emerged. During this session, the important lessons and fundamental philosophies common to all of them will be shared along with ways to implement them within your own program.

The Band Clinician At WorkJarrett Lipman and Gino Cipriani
This session is about the role a clinician can play in helping to develop your program. Synthesizing ideas and suggestions from those outside your program.

Maintaining A Happy WorkshopRichard Floyd
How can we deal with the tedious necessity of drill and repetition while maintaining a “student engaged” musically focused rehearsal. What does it mean to be “inspirational?”

Concert Programming for the Small Band ­– Susan Smith
This session will explore the hidden gems to fit the needs of smaller programs.

Foundations for a Successful Booster Club: Advantage 4David Vandewalker
Once you have your volunteer base and organization plans in action, it is time to for marketing and branding within your school and community.

Jazz Rehearsal Techniques: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why? – Dick Dunscomb
This session helps you to make the most of your rehearsal time. Everything you need to know to use the time efficiently and productively.

Yes, You Can Teach Jazz! Implementing the National Music Standards Through Jazz – Dick Dunscomb
A dynamic workshop that uses jazz and the National Music Standards to help build and maintain a successful jazz program using realistic approaches and practical solutions.

Designing to Excite a Variety of AudiencesJarrett Lipman
Thoughts on building favor with your community, administration, and different judges.

Practical Conducting: Moving to Match What We Teach – Steve Meyer
In order to get the most out of our students with the limited time we have, simple conducting gestures can reinforce the sound, clarity, and musicianship we teach. In this clinic, we will review principles of conducting that match the score we are conducting while maximizing rehearsal effectiveness and inspiring the best performances from our students.

Cymbal Technique ­– Keith Aleo

Directors’ Concert Band – Richard Saucedo

Directors’ Jazz Band – Mark Buselli
Sessions, titles, and presenters are subject to change.

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