2017 Directors’ Academy Sessions Will Include:

KEYNOTE: The Way We Do Anything is the Way We Do EverythingDr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Master educators teach to THE WHY, therefore THE MESSENGER is equally as important as THE MESSAGE.  ’Tis THE WAY we do WHAT we do that avails the student to WHY we are doing it in the first place. The benefits of becoming a music maker are the cornerstones for success in every aspect of life.  Music teachers are also life teachers.  Excellence in music is the foundation for a successful future.  As music educators we have the rare opportunity to help shape the minds of the leaders-of-tomorrow.

The Art Within the Art of DesignMichael Gray
An entertainingly abstract exploration that relates the essential techniques and thought processes in making a painting to art of designing and realizing a great show design in you marching band show.

The Band Clinician At WorkJarrett Lipman and Gino Cipriani
This session is about the role a clinician can play in helping to develop your program. Synthesizing ideas and suggestions from those outside your program.

Band Director Masterclass  Greg Bimm
This session is an open discussion on the complexity of being a band director and a perspective on how you might approach the job.

Basic Visual Design Part 1Bob Buckner
If you know little or nothing about how to get ideas on paper……this is the place for you. Everything from “how to line your performance/practice area” to “what is an interval “ will be discussed. Constructing forms (both linear and curvilinear) will be mastered along with such elusive terminology as velocity and frequency. Special attention will be paid to form construction and how to create focus in your productions. A great place for beginners or for those who just want to sharpen their drill writing skills.

Basic Visual Design Part 2Bob Buckner
Picking up where you left off in Part One will lead to the really fun stuff like creating transitions. The “how to” of getting instruments in the correct place to be heard while looking like a natural progression. Every style and technique for transitions will be touched. Learn to develop and use the tools that every great designer uses. This session is “topped off” with “how effect is created.” Foolproof ideas for creating applause and attention in your shows will be the exciting conclusion to this two part presentation.

Being the CEO of Your Band ProgramDarrin Davis
Managing and leading your students, staff, boosters and consultants

The Brass TriangleGino Cipriani
The Brass Triangle is at the heart of the technique program for the Boston Crusaders. Participants will learn about fundamentals, exercises, and pedagogical concepts to apply.

Bridging the Gap: Creative Adaptations of Ensemble FundamentalsSteve Meyer
With limited rehearsal time and complex contest repertoire, this clinic will show directors how to bridge the gap between fundamental exercises and repertoire actually being performed. Through creative exercises, directors can more easily transition their students from what is mastered in the warm-up to the more complex rhythms, harmonies, and melodies found within in the music.

Building Musicality through Basic FundamentalsNolan Loyde
There is more than one way to play “F around the room.” This session will provide directors with basic fundamental techniques that improve the quality level of the individual musician by increasing students’ critical thinking skills.

Championship Percussion: Carolina Crown Percussion (STADIUM)Thom Hannum
The Crown percussion staff discusses and demonstrates percussion performance strategies.

Cleaning the Visual ProgramRon HardinJeff Sacktig, and the Carolina Crown Staff

Color Guard Techniques Joey Powell, Rick Subel, and the Carolina Crown Color Guard
Crown Color Guard staff discuss and demonstrate successful design and performance techniques.

Color to Create Mood and Set the Stage   Lee Carlson
We will explore the use of color in set pieces, band uniforms, guard costumes, and guard equipment. How does color register to our brain and create expectations we may not be aware of?

Concert Programming for the Small Band ­– Susan Smith
This session will explore the hidden gems to fit the needs of smaller programs.

Conducting Lincolnshire Posy: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Embracing the Challenges   Russel Mikkelson
This session will provide a foundation for preparing to conduct one of the wind band’s greatest works. It will address historical, performance, and interpretive aspects of the piece.

Creating, Designing and Maintaining a Successful Jazz Education ProgramRichard Dunscomb
A workshop designed to provide a foundation and structure on which to build a successful jazz program.

The Crown Drumline in Action – Thom Hannum & the Carolina Crown Percussion Section

Cymbal Excellence for the Band Director ­– Keith Aleo
Developing timely and effective concepts and strategies from the podium to assist students in the development of excellence while playing cymbals

Defining a Great Program: A Broad Perspective Richard Mayne
This session will focus on the complexity and demands of the band director. Materials will address a variety of tactics to help promote the band director on campus.

Designing to Excite a Variety of AudiencesJarrett Lipman
Thoughts on building favor with your community, administration, and different judges.

Developing the Marching Band SoundGino Cipriani
A clinic that explores the many factors that affect the overall tone of a marching band exploring the possibilities for bands of all different sizes.

Developing Young Adult Staff Members: Developing Professionalism and Awareness in Your Young Teachers and Non-Certified Staff – Richard Saucedo
Richard will discuss today’s teaching environment in a practical sense, as well as, the importance of developing proper relationships between your students and you young staff members. Creating a safe and appropriate educational setting for students and for teachers will be at the forefront of the discussion.

Developing Young Adult Staff Members: Instructional Strategies To Take Your Young Teachers and Non-Certified Staff to the Next Level – Richard Saucedo
Richard will discuss ways that your young staff members can be more effective, efficient, and professional in rehearsals, whether on their own in a sectional or as part of a total staff effort in a full rehearsal. This session will address rehearsal etiquette and rehearsal techniques as part of a practical approach to teaching for young instructors.

Developing Young Adult Staff Members: The Percussion Section, Wind Section, and Color Guard Dynamics – Richard Saucedo
Richard will discuss how your young teachers and non-certified staff members can help to create effective and respectful relationships within the entire ensemble family. Learn ways to turn your separate sections into a powerful, supportive team through the sharing of ideas and common elements that apply to your members regardless of their section.

Directors’ Concert BandRichard Saucedo
Bring your instrument and play with your colleagues, under the baton of Richard Saucedo.

Directors’ Jazz BandMark Buselli
Bring your instrument and play! MFA Jazz Division Coordinator Mark Buselli will conduct. The Jazz Band will perform Thursday evening at the Directors’ Reception sponsored by Vic Firth!

Drum Circles? Really? – John Fitzgerald
Viewed with great suspicion in the past, the contemporary drum circle has found its way into organizations of all kinds, and as part of a comprehensive music program, is a great tool for teaching improvisation, listening, dynamics and the elements of composition, not to mention creating non-competitive bonding, team building and deliver lessons about leadership and followership.
Drum circles build interest in your music programs and are a powerful way to increase your value through the work you do with students with special needs, at school events, and staff meetings.

Electronics and Marching Band: Integrating 21st Century TechnologyNolan Loyde
Discuss current marching band trends that integrate electronics and music. You will leave this session with a better understanding of how electronics can enhance the marching band program and obtain a toolkit of resources to help you develop a technology integration plan at your own pace.

Empower to SucceedJeremy Spicer
The team creates the culture, the culture creates the experience, the experience leads to success. this session will provide tools as well as proven systems.

Exploring Show Concepts in DesignMichael Gray & Lee Carlson
This “hands on” session will guide you through the development of a Program Concept.

Full Music Ensemble TechniquesMichael Klesch, Thom Hannum, and the Carolina Crown Staff
Crown music staff discusses and demonstrates ensemble strategies for performance success.

Hear It…Fix It…Feel ItRichard Floyd
What about the intangible elements of music that give us the “goose bump moments?” This session will explore specific strategies to artistic music-making.

The Importance of You Jauvon Gilliam
How 4 years in your band/orchestra class can influence a lifetime

Inside the CircleMatt Harloff, Ben Harloff and the Carolina Crown Brass
You are Invited Inside the Carolina Crown Brass Circle for an Up Close and Personal Experience

Insights into Programming and DesignDavid Starnes and the Carolina Crown Design Team (Michael Klesch, Thom Hannum, Jeff Sacktig, and Rick Subel)
Discussion of how Carolina Crown makes program decisions and views the entire process

Integrating Technology with the Front Ensemble – Geoff Martin, Annie Chernow, and the Carolina Crown Staff
Strategies to enhance front ensemble performance through technology integration.

It Takes a Village – Dean Westman moderating with Paula Krupiczewicz and Glenn Fugett
The Avon Orchestra program was founded in 2007 with only 38 beginners. Ten years later, the Avon Orchestra program serves over 700 string players grades 6-12 with 3 full-time teachers in 5 buildings. Whether you are starting a new program or looking to grow your program, this clinic will use the lessons learned with the Avon Orchestra over the past 10 years to provide both common sense and outside the box ways to grow and sustain your program.

It’s Not Just Concert FJarrett Lipman
A clinic sharing many ways to build upon “F Remington” and how these tools can ultimately serve the greater purpose of building string players and greater musicians.

Jazz Rehearsal Techniques: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why?Richard Dunscomb
This session helps you to make the most of your rehearsal time. Everything you need to know to use the time efficiently and productively.

Judging the Musical PerformanceJohn Phillips, Glenn Fugett, and Darrin Davis
This session involves “real time” music judge commentary during Carolina Crown performance.

Judging the Visual PerformanceJohn Phillips, Michael Gray, and Lee Carlson
This session involves “real time” visual judge commentary during Carolina Crown performance.

Leadership: Growing Pains of Growing Leaders Anna Rodriguez
Anna will discuss ways to set your leadership team up for success, what to do when they fall short, and how allowing them to voice their concerns and ideas can impact the team and band program in an enduring and meaningful way.

Leadership: Ways to Put Show Ownership on Your Students John Howell
The focus of this session is to help you develop creative strategies to have your students take ownership in their show. Tips will be given on how to create motivational games, help sessions, and leader boards that will inspire your students to be the best they can be.

Leadership: You Must Be a Leader That They Want to Follow – Joel Denton
Joel will discuss why and how the director should become an inspiring leader.

Legal Implications for Band StaffBarry Morgan
Understanding the complex legal world of Education and how you can prevent problems.

Let’s Play and Hear for a Lifetime – Neil Larrivee
This session will present detailed facts to seriously consider on how our hearing works and the effects of sound exposure. Research data developed by Etymotic Research Inc., a world leader in professional hearing protection, will be presented. Solutions will be presented and discussed that will assure a life time of healthful hearing for both teachers, performers, and students.

Maintaining A Happy WorkshopRichard Floyd
How can we deal with the tedious necessity of drill and repetition while maintaining a “student engaged” musically focused rehearsal. What does it mean to be “inspirational?”

Outreach for the Stars: Making Your Musicians the Celebrities of Your Community!James Stephens
Highly effective music educators must possess the entrepreneurial skills to successfully recruit, promote and market their program. We will uncover best practices to better advocate for your ensemble. The success stories highlighted in this session will give you the tools to better promote your program while strengthening your “brand” in your community.

Practical Conducting: Moving to Match What We TeachSteve Meyer
In order to get the most out of our students with the limited time we have, simple conducting gestures can reinforce the sound, clarity, and musicianship we teach. In this clinic, we will review principles of conducting that match the score we are conducting while maximizing rehearsal effectiveness and inspiring the best performances from our students.

Ready-Set-Move! Warming up and Preparing for Physical Instrument – Vincent Thomas
In this active participation program, band directors will explore a stretch and movement program for their band. The workshop includes basic movements through dance techniques that progresses into moving across the floor with a variety of loco-motor and phrase building movements.

Rehearsal Techniques that Optimize and Engage – Cynthia Johnston Turner
Cynthia will discuss the best ways to efficiently plan and run rehearsals while keeping students engaged throughout the process.

Rehearsing the Band: Universal Lessons from Extraordinary DirectorsSteve Meyer
When 11 of the finest high school band directors in America, each with 25 to 40 years of experience, were asked how they rehearsed their ensembles and developed programs of national excellence, several fascinating themes emerged. During this session, the important lessons and fundamental philosophies common to all of them will be shared along with ways to implement them within your own program.

Room to Grow: Fostering Leadership Capacity Within Your StaffNolan Loyde
This session outlines the process of “how” to establish the right climate for team building and “why” capacity building is so important for instrumental musicians and educators. Learn how to “begin with the end in mind” and personally develop a Mentor’s Mindset as you help your fellow musicians grow professionally and recognize their own potential.

Show Concepts in Design for Small BandsMichael Gray & Lee Carlson
This “Hands on” session will guide you through the development of a Program Concept directly aimed at smaller programs.

Successful Teaching Strategies for the Modern Marching BandDarrin Davis
A collection of effective rehearsal strategies to maximize productivity and efficiency of your marching band.

Strategic Boosters: The PlanDavid Vandewalker
This session will share insights in developing a new framework for creating dynamic, strategic planning to empower a modern small business organization

Strategic Boosters: Building Strong RelationshipsDavid Vandewalker
This session will provide a blueprint for creating leadership and teamwork for expanding your volunteer base and how to better organize and empower that base to develop an army of volunteers.

Strategic Organization: New Org Charts and FundraisingDavid Vandewalker
The successful modern day booster club is much more than a monthly parent meeting. This session will provide practical tips in how to reorganize booster roles for successful organization and management of the small business as well as exploring how to create detailed plans for strategic fundraising.

Strategic CommunicationsDavid Vandewalker
Once you have your volunteer base and organization plans in action, it is time to for marketing and branding within your school and community.

Teaching Orchestra for the Band Director Dean Westman moderating with Paula Krupiczewicz and Glenn Fugett
Music Educators are being asked to do more and more each year. It is no longer uncommon to expect the band director to also direct the school orchestra. This clinic will provide some basic tips to ease the anxiety of teaching strings while striving to provide all of your students with a high level musical experience.

Total Program SuccessBobby Lambert & Jeff Young
You as the director are the only one to define your program’s success. THEREFORE, YOU must define your program’s success rather than the community, the students, the administration, or history.

Vertical TeachingJarrett Lipman
Aligning middle schools to high school, and encouraging different teaching strategies, exercises, and ideas to achieve the same end result: a strong, well-rounded musician.

What They See Is What You GetRichard Floyd
Did you know that up to 2/3rds of all communication between people is non-verbal? Come consider ways to enhance your ability to teach, influence outcomes and make music through gesture and non-verbal communication.

Women in Band Leadership: A Panel Discussion Cynthia Johnston Turner, Andrea Brown, and Julie Duty
This session is designed to identify and discuss issues related to Women in Band Leadership Roles.

Working with a Harpist in Your Ensemble – Elizabeth Richter
This session will remove some of the mystery from one of the most beautiful of all instruments, the harp.  How does it work, what should you know about the challenges facing a young harpist in your ensemble, and how do you go about finding an instrument?  The session will include time for questions as well as some “hands on” time with the instrument.

Yes, You Can Teach Jazz! Implementing the National Music Standards Through JazzRichard Dunscomb
A dynamic workshop that uses jazz and the National Music Standards to help build and maintain a successful jazz program using realistic approaches and practical solutions.

You Be the Judge: Understanding the Nuances of Marching Music AssessmentJohn Phillips
This session is for those interested in knowing the how, what, and why certain areas are evaluated.


The following sessions are designed with Middle School/New Teachers in mind!

The Conductor’s Checklist: Preparing for Podium PerformanceDr. Ed Arnold
Master conductor Dr. Ed Arnold shares preparation strategies for podium performance. Experienced conductors will benefit from alternative preparation strategies. For new and developing teachers, this session presents a sequential approach for success in the classroom. Attendees will have the opportunity to conduct and receive invaluable feedback in a one-on-one setting.

Current Trends and Issues (Middle School Panel Introduction and Discussion)Robert W. Smith, Dr. Ed Arnold, Cyndee Hawkins, Dr. Charles Jackson & Susan L. Smith
Faculty introductions are followed by an open discussion of current trends and issues in music education. Panelists provide unique and learned insights based on their teaching experiences.

Establishing the Proper Set-up for Clarinet/Saxophone and Bassoon ImmediatelyDr. Charles Jackson & Cyndee Hawkins
Master teachers Chuck Jackson and Cyndee Hawkins provide crucial instrument specific information for proper set-up as our students embark on their instrumental music education journey. Highly recommended for the new teacher as well as the experienced teacher looking for a refresher course.

Establishing the Proper Set-up for Flute and Oboe ImmediatelyCheryl Floyd & Cyndee Hawkins
Master teachers Cheryl Floyd and Cyndee Hawkins provide crucial instrument specific information for proper set-up as our students embark on their instrumental music education journey. Highly recommended for the new teacher as well as the experienced teacher looking for a refresher course.

Establishing the Proper Set-up for Percussion ImmediatelyDr. Charles Jackson & Cyndee Hawkins
Master teachers Chuck Jackson and Cyndee Hawkins provide crucial instrument specific information for proper set-up as our students embark on their instrumental music education journey. Highly recommended for the new teacher as well as the experienced teacher looking for a refresher course.

Establishing the Proper Set-up for Trombone and Tuba/Euphonium ImmediatelyDr. Charles Jackson & Cyndee Hawkins
Master teachers Chuck Jackson and Cyndee Hawkins provide crucial instrument specific information for proper set-up as our students embark on their instrumental music education journey. Highly recommended for the new teacher as well as the experienced teacher looking for a refresher course.

Establishing the Proper Set-up for Trumpet and Horn ImmediatelyDr. Charles Jackson & Cyndee Hawkins
Master teachers Chuck Jackson and Cyndee Hawkins provide crucial instrument specific information for proper set-up as our students embark on their instrumental music education journey. Highly recommended for the new teacher as well as the experienced teacher looking for a refresher course.

F.A.C.T.S. for Woodwinds and BrassDr. Charles Jackson
Master teacher Chuck Jackson presents two 45-minute sessions focused on identifying the most common problems in wind instruction/performance from state to state, band to band, and middle and high school. Dr. Jackson identifies problems and presents fast, practical solutions.

New Literature Reading Session for Young and Middle School Bands (Conducting Opportunity For Director Participants)Robert W. Smith, Dr. Ed Arnold & Staff – BRING INSTRUMENTS
A reading session of new band literature at the grade 1-3 levels.

(Part 1 of 2) Software Tools and Content for Band Directors and Students Utilizing MusicFirstDr. Joe Pisano & Dr. Keith Dye
Dr. Joe Pisano and Dr. Keith Dye present innovative software tools and content for increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the class room. The presentation will focus on MusicFirst, a complete online classroom for K-12 music education, with engaging content and integrated software that provides you with everything you need to teach music in a connected world.

(Part 2 of 2) How to Assess, Test, and Improve Your Student’s Skills Through the Integrated MusicFirst Cloud-Based Software SolutionDr. Joe Pisano & Dr. Keith Dye
Dr. Pisano and Dr. Dye present assessment tools and strategies using MusicFirst online and cloud-based tools/resources.

Picky Pieces For Picky PeopleCheryl Floyd
The selection of quality music for school bands involves educational and artistic content and its use in the music class room. Master teacher and conductor Cheryl Floyd shares her approach to programming for educational and performance success.

Sight-Reading: “Come On..You Know All Those Notes!”Cyndee Hawkins
Sight-reading is perhaps the most comprehensive assessment of student musicianship and teaching effectiveness. Master teacher Cyndee Hawkins shares tips, strategies and her years of experience for your immediate use in the classroom.

“What’s New” In Music TechnologyDr. Joe Pisano
Music educator/technologist Dr. Joe Pisano shares new developments in educational technology as they relate to the music field. This clinic will seek to “wow” and inform by bringing to focus current educational technology trends for 2017 and project into 2018.


Sessions, titles, and presenters are subject to change.


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