Kim Mann

Coordinator, Music for All National Choir Festival

Kim Mann, program coordinator for the Music For All National Choral Festival, holds graduate degrees of distinction in choral/vocal music with a Master of Science in Education from Indiana University. Her areas of concentration include children’s and youth chorus, madrigal, show choir, and vocal arts performance. During her career, Kim has taught and conducted in the Indiana and Ohio public school systems. She serves on the faculty of Chatfield College, teaches private voice and contest preparation, and dance and music theatre for Mam-Luft & Co. She has been musical director to the First Presbyterian Church, USA, and artistic director of Pizzazz School of Performing Arts.

As a member of the American Choral Director’s Association Kim has served as the Indiana chairman of repertoire and standards for children’s choirs. In preparation for the 7th and 8th World Choir Games she served as Artistic Coordinator for the United States responsible for the daily recruiting of choirs from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Additionally, she was responsible for the first review of artistic standards, repertoire and qualification for participation in the 23 categories of the World Choir Games. Mann is the Artskonnect lead completing video productions for Cokesbury publications where she serves as choreographer and musical advisor.

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