Paul Winterhalter

Paul has always loved music. Well technically, he has always loved marching band. Ever since 4th grade when he was carrying his bell kit down the hallways to his music class, percussion has never left his mind. Through middle school and high school, Paul was an active member in Dartmouth’s competitive percussion ensemble, under the direction of Tom Aungst. Competitions on the weekend, and rehearsal through the week sums up his high school career. Continuing through college, while pursuing his degree in business marketing and management, he was also an active member in the drum corps world. Through four years in the activity, Paul marched with the Cadets and Carolina Crown, and saw two world championships! Paul is now currently the Percussion Product Specialist with Yamaha Corporation, where he now has the chance to mix passion and work. He is thrilled to be back on staff, once again, for the Music for All Summer Symposium, and to work along side with some of the best in the business!

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