Music for BOA Blast at Wake Forest

Why Practice In Advance?

By dedicating some time to practice before the camp begins, you will be able to make the most of your BOA BLAST experience.

Here are a few reasons why practicing before the camp is beneficial:

  • Confidence Boost: By familiarizing yourself with the music in advance, you will gain confidence in your abilities and be better prepared for the performance. This will allow you to fully enjoy the process and showcase your talent!
  • Collaboration Opportunities: When you arrive at the camp having practiced your music, it opens up doors for exciting collaborations with fellow musicians. You will be able to be a leader in your section and help others who may need it.
  • Skill Enhancement: Regular practice leads to skill development. By practicing beforehand, you can refine your techniques, strengthen your musicality, and master challenging sections. This will enable you to progress further during the camp and maximize your learning potential.

To help you prepare effectively, you are encouraged to establish a practice routine between now and camp that suits your schedule and goals. Consider setting aside specific practice times, breaking down your pieces into manageable sections, and seeking guidance from your music teacher if needed.

Scores for Drum Majors
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