Get on the Bus!

There are buses departing from areas of the country, already schedule to transport participants to the Summer Symposium. Music for All has collaborated with those schools and directors who are already arranging buses to allow limited room on those buses to be available for students and directors to “Get on the Bus.” Availability, pricing, and details are arranged by the local bus captains.


More information will be provided in December 2021


Directors: interested in being a bus captain?

Check out the benefits of becoming a bus captain and the tools offered to help make this a streamlined process.

Attend the Summer Symposium Free: Extended discounts for Bus Captains

As a bus captain, you’ll organize a bus with your students and promote the bus with Music for All’s help and marketing assistance to students from other schools.


 As a bus captain, you will:

  • Attend the Summer Symposium at no cost (up to a $759 value!)
  • Increase your student count! Count each registered and paying student camper on your bus as one of your students, entitling you to one free student or director slot for each 12 paying campers on the bus.
  • Offer students our lowest enrollment fees (with deposit of $250 made by January 31 to hold the Super Saver; by March 31 to hold the Early Bird fee.)
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