The Color Guard Instructor Academy is perfect for color guard instructors at all points in their career. From the beginning instructor to the seasoned veteran who likes to stay current, the Color Guard Instructor Academy gives instructors the chance to STEP it up in the following areas: developing skills in both equipment and dance; enhancing and refining teaching techniques; exploring elements of design in choreography, equipment, and staging; and solidifying a professionalism that will benefit the instructors and their color guard programs.

The Color Guard Instructor Academy will include:

  • Movement classes that break down the basics and inspire choreography ideas
  • Hands-on methods courses
  • Private consultation session to discuss upcoming fall/winter shows
  • The chance to observe or join in on the student color guard classes taught by some of the finest instructors in the activity
  • Small group session with Carolina Crown’s color guard and staff
  • Detailed discussion on all things ‘equipment’ including taping, weighting, and designing what your color guard will spin
  • A week of classes that are tailored to the needs of the participants
  • Collaboration with color guard instructors, adjudicators, and band directors from across the country

Certificate of Attendance:

Music for All will provide a Certificate of Attendance to two-time participants of the Color Guard Instructor Academy, certifying that a person has attended two years of the Summer Symposium Academy.

Join Us!

for the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium

June 27-July 2, 2022

Leadership Weekend: June 25-26

Ball State University

2019 Color Guard Faculty

Susie Harloff

Symposium Color Guard Coordinator
2017 Tournament of Roses, Honor Band Color Guard Director
Avon, IN

Robbie Arnold

Lexis Winter Guard, Lafayette HS, Adair County HS
Winchester, KY

Nathan Jennings

Paramount Winter Guard, Interplay Winter Guard, Lassiter HS
Atlanta, GA

Derek Smith

Interplay Winter Guard
Grand Rapids, MI

Vincent Thomas

Onyx World
Stonewall Independent
VT Dance
Blue Stars
Baltimore, MD

Color Guard Instructor Photos from America’s Camp

Parent/Booster Institute

Music for All’s parent/booster training and advocacy programs and resources are key elements in Music for All’s vision to be a catalyst to ensure that every child across America has the opportunity and access to participate in music making in his or her scholastic environment.

What Should Your Child Bring?

June weather in Indiana is often unpredictable. Historical averages for this area range from 60°F-90°F and often include high humidity. Please keep that in mind when packing for camp.

Staying in Touch with your Student

The Music for All Headquarters staff is unable to receive and deliver messages to students by phone, unless an emergency requires immediately delivery. If you wish to speak with your child during the week, plan your calling schedule before your child leaves home.

Supervision and Health Info

Your child’s safety is our utmost priority. While at camp, your child is required to attend all classes, meals, concerts, and nightly floor meetings, where attendance is taken.

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