Choose an Area of Study at the Director Academy

You may choose to spend your week focused on a specific topic (or “division”) – all part of the larger Director Academy experience! These divisions are optional. You might choose to attend some sessions from each division throughout the week. If you attend all of the sessions for a particular focus, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion.

Important note about ethics sessions: Percussion, Marching and Movement, and Color Guard instructors must attend one ethics session per year for two years in order to earn their certificates.

Every attendee, no matter the chosen division or focus, can access Directors’ Lounges and evening concerts, including DCI Central Indiana.

Color Guard Instructor Academy

Attend the Color Guard Instructor Academy to get inspired to tackle your next marching season with energy, excitement, and brand new knowledge. Some Color Guard Instructor Academy faculty have been teaching this course for over a decade (and continue to learn FROM each year’s participants). Faculty are current, active teachers who can relate to your challenges and situations.

You’ll have fun and make lifelong friendships along the way!

2023 Faculty will include Susie Harloff, Derek Smith, and Vincent Thomas

High School Band Director

Follow our “Total Program Success” curriculum and learn systems and processes around the core competencies of evaluation, visualization, prioritization, organization, and communication.

Topics covered during the week include: content-specific pedagogy, score study, conducting, show design, leadership, time management, lesson planning, ethics, SEL, finances, copyright issues, choreography, electronics, and more!

Marching and Movement Instructor Academy

Topics will include posture, instrument carriage, dynamic stretching, physical fitness for marching band, basic ballet, common choreography poses and movements for marching winds and percussion, drills, and exercises

2023 Faculty will include Lee Carlson, Chris Kaflik, Jordan Lalama, Vincent Thomas, and Jeff Young

NEW: Marching Arts Judging Intensive

For those who want to better understand their judges’ tapes and/or those who someday wish to become a marching arts adjudicator.

Topics will include: relevant commentary, understanding captions and criteria reference, growing as an adjudicator, and what an exemplary recording sounds like. Will feature lab sessions with Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps.

2023 Faculty will include: Lee Carlson, Shirley Dorritie, Nola Jones, John Phillips, and Richard Saucedo


Middle School Band Director

In addition to accessing any of the total band program sessions, Middle School Band Directors receive special attention during MFA Summer Symposium!

  • The incomparable Marcia Neel is leading timely and relevant session “5 S.M.A.R.T. Ideas to Retain THIS Year’s Beginners.”
  • Sessions with teaching artists Gretta Pote and Andrew Poor, who built and currently lead successful middle school band programs in Indiana and Georgia.
  • Woodwind, brass, and percussion pedagogy sessions with Beth Fabrizio, Dan Berard, and Clif Walker
NEW: Music Arranging Intensive

For those who want to: arrange music better and more frequently, know more about percussion arrangement, or effectively edit arrangements to fit your ensemble. Learn about scoring for winds, brass, and percussion; what creates sonority; scoring for small bands; editing for success; electronics and soundscapes

2023 Faculty include: Greg Bimm, Andrew Poor, Richard Saucedo, Clif Walker


Percussion Specialist Academy

Participants work with a world-class faculty to discuss a range of topics that are relevant to the trade. Some sessions cater specifically to aspiring, new, or long-time percussion specialists, while others are intended for a variety of experience levels. Most importantly, the Percussion Specialist Academy provides an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from around the country.

2023 Faculty will include Matt Black, Dr. Dave Gerhart, Tony Lymon, Ray Ulibarri, Clif Walker, Amanda Watson, David Ware, Jon Weber, and more!

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