Student Packet

 General Camp Info

Student Track and Placement Hearing Information

Placement Hearing Materials (Available June 1)

Concert Band Placement Hearing Information (Available June 1)

Middle School Track Information

Early Arrival/Late Departure Information (Available June 1)

Early Departure Form (Available June 1)

Student Check-in/Check-out Information (Available June 1)

Parent Information Sheet

Director/Collegiate Packet

Director E-Mail Acknowledgement

Director/Collegiate General Camp Information

Online Directors Band Form (Available June 1)

Director Check-in/Check-out Information (Available June 1)


All Participants

2019 Ball State Campus Map

Meal Information

Muncie Area Map

Driving Directions to Ball State University

Family Day Map (Available June 1)

Shuttle Information and Online Reservation Form

Family Day Information and Reservation Form (Available June 1)

Ball State Parking Map

Suggested Packing List (Available June 1)

Jolesch Photo Order Form

Downloadable Camp Flyers

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