Frank Crockett

Frank Crockett has been leading and facilitating leadership and team building experiences for over 20 years. Crockett has a background in education with an emphasis in therapeutic recreation. He also is a certified ropes course facilitator and has been for over 20 years. Crockett uses an experiential approach for his presentations, allowing people to work through challenges that are presented. Following each exercise, the group then debriefs the experience to capture learning in the “here and now” and “metaphorically” helping people relate the learning back to where they are coming from. Crockett has worked with hundreds of school groups, teaching staff, sports teams and focus groups. He also has worked with large companies and organizations providing leadership workshops and team building experiences. Crockett currently is a full time pastor at SouthBrook Christian Church in Dayton, OH, with over 4000 people in attendance every weekend. He has the unique opportunity to utilize experiential learning with families, students and men at SouthBrook. Crockett has been married to his lovely wife Tamara for 25 years and has five kids ranging from 6 to 20, three boys and two girls.

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