Mike Scott

Mike Scott is the Business Development Manager of Bluecoats and the Chief Executive Officer of Rhythm X, Inc., a non-profit performing arts organization in Southwestern Ohio. Mike also works as a consultant, mentoring small non-profits and individual freelancers improve their marketing and growth strategies. He has traveled as far as Lithuania and Latvia speaking on performing arts administration. At Rhythm X, Inc. and Bluecoats Mike’s work includes diversifying the organizations, developing new programs, and maximizing marketing and fundraising efforts.

In the summer months, Mike’s work at Bluecoats includes managing the drum corps’ 14,000 mile tour. Additionally, Mike sits on the Board of Directors of European X and is a voting member of the WGI Winds and Percussion Advisory Boards. Prior to his career in nonprofit administration, Mike was the Director of Instrumental Music at St. Ursula Academy. He completed a degree at Miami University in Music Education and the Farmer School Business Institute in 2012.

Mike’s projects include Rhythm X, Inc., Bluecoats, and Michael Scott, LLC.