Application for Drum Majors of the Marching Band Division

This year we are excited to announce an amazing opportunity for drum majors to be a part of the camp in a new and different way. We will choose a team of 3-4 drum majors from all over the country to be the official Drum Majors of the Marching Band Division at the Music for All Summer Symposium!


  • The student has attended the Music for All Summer Symposium (Drum Major or Marching Band Division).
  • Is Drum Major for his or her band for the fall of 2017.
  • Has strong conducting skills.
  • Shows excellent servant leadership qualities.

Key Opportunities

  • Hands-on leadership with the marching band division staff and students.
  • Conducting with Carolina Crown drum majors during the performance.
  • Conducting during ensemble rehearsals.
  • Servant leadership opportunities such as preparing the field markers, running “the met” during drill rehearsals, etc.
  • Assisting marching band division staff with sectionals.
  • Conducting and leadership sessions with Bobby Lambert and his staff.
  • Attending all camp evening concerts.

Application Deadline: May 15, 2017

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