Some of the student divisions require a placement hearing to help place students in the class or ensemble that will maximize their experience. All placement hearings will occur on the first day of camp, on Monday, June 22.

The following divisions have hearings that will occur between 8:00 a.m and 12:00 p.m.: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Middle School, Orchestra, Music Production Boot Camp, and Color Guard. Students should plan to arrive at camp as early as possible and make time for their placement hearing after registering and checking into their room. Locations will be given out at registration. Hearings will last no more than 15 minutes per student.

The following divisions have hearings that will occur during their first meeting, following Opening Session: Marching Band, Marching Percussion, and Concert Percussion.

The following divisions do not require placement hearings: Drum Major Institute, Peer Teaching Division, and Leadership Weekend Experience.

Marching Band

Marching Band Placement Hearings will occur during the Marching Band sessions on the first day of camp. Students will play excerpts from the music for the instructors and, based on ability and how well they know the music, will be split into parts to balance the ensemble. If more than one part is written for your instrument, please practice the part that you are most likely to play at camp.

PDFs for all parts have been posted on the right. The National Anthem must be memorized prior to camp. Carolina Crown music does not need to be memorized fully before camp, but should be worked on as much as possible prior to arriving.

Jazz Band

The requirements for winds and brass players will include:

  • Demonstration of major scales
  • Demonstration of sight-reading abilities
  • Please prepare a piece of your choice – either a jazz etude, solo piece, or transcription
  • Optional: demonstration of improvisation skills – play a blues piece of your choice and improvise two choruses

Rhythm section hearings will include a demonstration of various scales and styles, including: Major scales (piano, guitar and bass only), medium tempo swing, medium tempo rock, Bossa Nova/Samba (Latin), and ballad. Sight reading will be included.

*Drummers: You should be prepared to perform in a ballad style with brushes. You may play with an existing track or by yourself.


Concert Band (High School)

All brass/woodwind students must complete an on-site hearing to determine ensemble and chair placement. Hearings will include a combination of scales, arpeggios, and solo excerpts. Students should prepare two contrasting pieces on his or her instrument, as well as be prepared to sight-read. The selected works can be excerpts from band pieces, private lesson materials, college audition music, or from the list of appropriate literature for your instrument on the right.


Rubank Advanced Method Vol. II


Page 58, #25

Page 74; Bizet Menuet lines 1-4

Rubank Advanced Method Vol. I


Page 66; #1 Melody/Schumann

Page 23; #5 Moderato/Barret (ornaments optional)

Page 42; #24 Allegro Maestoso/Niemann

Rose 40 Studies

#18, #4

Bass Clarinet
Rubank Advanced Method Vol. I


Page 69, #1

Page 57; #27

Rubank Advanced Method


Page 23, #6 Allegro moderato

Page 23, #8 Andante

Rubank Advance Method I Saxophone Method


Page 50, Etude #18

Page 50-51, Etude #20

Arbans complete Conservatory Method


(Published by Carl Fischer)

Page 220, #99

Page 207, #60

Page 227, #120

French Horn
Kopprasch – Sixty Selected Studies
#10, first 3 lines
   Pottag – Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work
#43, #60
Sigmund Hering – 40 Progressive etude for Trombone


(Published by Carl Fischer)

#15, #31, #34

Arban’s Characteristic Study


#10- Played from beginning to the key change past the piulento

Etudes for Tuba, book 1, by Biazhevich,


(Published by Robert King Music)

#3, #18

Middle School Concert Band Camp

All Middle School campers will have an on-site placement hearing for ensemble and chair determination on Monday, June 22 from 9:00am-11:30am. The placement hearing will take approximately 10 minutes per student and will help us as teachers provide you with the best experience possible.

Placement hearings will consist of two scales, and an etude. The second scale can be performed as a one- or two-octave scale; whichever you prefer is fine. Perform each scale at a tempo that allows you to maintain steady pulse and play with your best note accuracy. A goal tempo is indicated for the etude. You should strive for this tempo, while remembering that note and rhythm accuracy are most important. Perform the etude at a tempo that will allow you to perform the music with the most accuracy.

Click here to visit the Middle School track page for placement hearing materials


Placement hearings for students enrolled in the Orchestra Division will be asked to play a prepared piece of their choice and the following scales: G, D and C Major Scales. Students may choose to play 1, 2 or 3 octave scales.

Color Guard

The Color Guard Division is designed to help color guard students develop a wide variety of skills in today’s competitive and non-competitive arena. We realize that guard members are trained differently around the country, so each student will perform a short audition at the beginning of camp, allowing our staff to determine their movement and equipment ability to place them in an appropriate class. Auditions will be held on Monday, June 22. All color guard students will need to prepare the following on the appropriate equipment for their audition: 

Flag, Rifle, and Sabre Classes:

  • Auditions will be held between 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. The location will be given at registration.
  • Prepare a variety of spins, tosses, and a simple 16-24 count equipment segment without music that showcases your experience level in guard. A favorite phrase from fall or winter, or an original creation is acceptable.
  • There will NOT be a separate movement audition for flag, rifle, and sabre classes. Please showcase movement skills within the audition phase.

If interested in auditioning for the master class, please see the information to the right.

Master Class Information

  • For those interested in auditioning for the master class, evaluations will be held at 10:00 a.m. and will end at noon. This will be a group evaluation, so please arrive on time. If warm-up time is needed, arrive by 9:30 a.m. The location will be given at registration.
  • At the master class evaluation, students will be asked to demonstrate a variety of tosses on rifle, sabre, and flag. Students should be prepared to demonstrate a solid 5 and 6 on both weapons, and 45 tosses on flag. They will also be taught a short rifle and sabre phrase (with choreography) and, if needed, a movement phrase. There will be no choreography to learn ahead of time. The master class will accept up to 30 students.
  • If students are not accepted into the master class, they can choose a flag, rifle, or sabre class to join.

National Percussion Symposium

Concert Percussion

Placement hearings will take place during the track’s first sessions on Monday, before Opening Session.

Students should prepare short selections on snare drum, marimba and timpani. These can be solos you have played at solo and ensemble; etudes you have been studying; warm-ups from your front ensemble; or selections from your band method book. Alternatively, students may prepare and play the etude linked on the right, titled “2015 NPS Etude.”

Also, at least one session at camp will be a “Performance Class” where you can play for each other and get feedback. Please bring any type of solo or etude you want for these sessions. These don’t have to be complete pieces but portions of pieces. They can be the same pieces you play for us at the first session, and you might be able to play more than one.


Marching Percussion

There are no formal placement hearings for Marching Percussion, however students should prepare short excerpts showcasing their abilities to play for faculty if necessary. Students may be placed by camp faculty into skill-based groups periodically during the week.

Additionally, students should download and work on the technique exercises and final performance pieces linked on the right. The final performance pieces will be played both Friday night at the DCI show and Saturday afternoon during Camp Final Performances.

Music Production Boot Camp

Placement hearings will be conducted on site Monday morning of the Symposium prior to Opening Session.

If you wish to qualify for advanced songwriting classes, you will perform or play back your songs in front of songwriting and production faculty during the first session. While a live performance is strongly encouraged, playbacks will be accepted during the hearing. Please provide your music on either a USB thumb drive or a CD. You will then be asked a few questions about your music, your production, and any lead sheets or notation your provide will be examined.

Note that this is merely a placement hearing and will not disqualify you from any of the production and recording events. Total duration of each hearing will last approximately 15 minutes per student. If you are not a songwriter or do not wish to attend a placement, you will automatically be placed in a fundamentals class.

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