Student Instructor Academy

An Educational Leadership Experience for Directors and their Students

The Student Instructor Academy is a dynamic lab for student leaders. Best outcomes are achieved when your school’s leadership team and band directors attend the Summer Symposium. The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge to teach other students, their peers. While leadership training is essential to the growth of our band programs, much of the time this training focuses on WHAT leadership is. This new division has been designed to train students to BE real leaders in their programs. Through this training, the students will be equipped with the tools necessary to inspire and train (teach) their peers. They will be trained to help with the musical and visual instruction, which will provide another level of teaching in their programs.

For programs without a large staff, these students will become the technicians to help bridge the teaching from the director to students. Student participants will learn how to effectively communicate with their peers using the same verbiage as their directors and instructors. They will be taught the basic principles of movement, and how to read and clean drill charts. While preparing them to be secondary teachers/instructors for marching band, the students will also be trained musically to conduct effective sectionals and rehearsals which will be beneficial to the band program throughout the entire year. With this training, these Student Instructors will become a valuable secondary teaching asset to their directors.

The ultimate mission of the Student Instructor Academy will be to train student leaders on how to be a MODEL for their band program.

M – Motivate
O – Observe
D – Demonstrate
E – Educate/Equip
L – Lead

Join us at the Music for All Summer Symposium

June 24-29, 2019

Leadership Weekend: June 22-23

Ball State University

Student Instructor Academy Faculty

Joel Denton

Division Head
Director of Bands, Ooltewah High School
Founder, Covenant Consultants–Leadership Training for School Bands, School Faculty, and Professional Organizations

John Howell

Visual Designer for nationally acclaimed High School Bands,
Drum and Bugle Corps, and Winter Guards

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