What is the SWAG Team?

The heart and soul of the Summer Symposium, the SWAG Team is a volunteer group of dedicated college students, graduate students, band directors, and others interested in music education. The SWAG Team’s mission is to ensure that everyone associated with the Symposium has a positive experience and an opportunity to grow as a person. Students, directors, and clinicians have been amazed by the spirit and hard work put forth by the Team.

The SWAG Team plays a major role in the Summer Symposium, serving as counselors, staff assistants, and role models to the 1,000+ student participants. It’s an unparalleled experience and a wonderful addition to a resume showcasing service on a national scale.

At the heart of every activity is leadership. The SWAG Team program is designed to be a living testament to results gained from the development, assertion, and practice of strong leadership skills.

During the weekend prior to the Symposium, the all-volunteer SWAG Team attends training workshops, prepares the student residence halls and rehearsal areas, and helps to fulfill the vast logistical needs required for a smooth, successful Summer Symposium. Music for All supports each SWAG’s preparation and professional development with seminars and workshops with some of the nation’s finest music and teaching professionals.

Once the Symposium begins, SWAGs provide vital services from assisting with classes and delivering water to transporting clinicians and students, repairing instruments, and performing countless other tasks. Perhaps their most important duty is performed at residence hall floor meetings each night, where they lead students in discussions about their experiences and facilitate positive interaction with one another. Lifelong friendships start at these floor meetings.

The SWAG Team’s unswerving dedication and contagious enthusiasm inspire everyone associated with the Summer Symposium. The Symposium could not be held without the enormous contributions of the SWAG Team.

Apply for the 2024 SWAG Team


Directors’ Academy Assistants (DAA)

Music for All has a talented team of educators that work directly with our Director and Collegiate divisions at camp. These select individuals work side by side with some of the best clinicians in the country. The Directors’ Academy Assistant Team is SWAG-like in the servant-leader orientation and intent of the group, however, the entirety of the program is geared toward the director participants at the Summer Symposium, collaborating with Music for All staff on logistics and assisting clinicians with their on-site set up of workshops and sessions.

Directors’ Academy Assistants are responsible for assisting clinicians with session set up and tear down, management of the two Director Bands, assistance with clinician transportation and many other logistics. This group has no student supervision responsibilities, but will be mingling with clinicians and directors both professionally and in social settings. All Directors’ Academy Assistant applicants must be 21 years of age or older.

Attendance and participation on BSU campus will be expected from 6:00 p.m. Sunday, prior to the full week of camp to the following Sunday for Directors’ Academy Assistants.

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