June 22-23, 2019

Music Students (Band, Choir, Orchestra): Interact with student leaders from across the country at one of the premier two-day leadership programs created specifically for music students. Immerse yourself in a non-stop, interactive, leadership learning lab you simply will not find anywhere else. All students experience immersive and interactive leadership learning all weekend long with rotating large-group, small-group, and experientially engaging sessions. Discover why we develop more student leaders in the music education world who truly make things happen and take the lead.


Do you want more of your students to participate positively in your program? Can you imagine what would happen if all your student leaders constructively brought to life the leadership lessons you talk about? At Music for All’s Summer Symposium we turn talk into action, involving your students in many unforgettable, hands-on activities for team building, problem solving, and leadership learning.


Did you know research shows pre-college leadership experiences predict most of the variance in college leadership outcomes? That means when students learn to lead in high school, their success in college leadership opportunities increases significantly. Give your student the positively life-changing experience of developing more of their future long-term leadership potential at the Leadership Weekend Experience.

No one needs a title to lead! And no one needs a title, or some preselected/designated leadership position, to attend this program either! Any student who wants to make a difference in their band, choir, orchestra, school, or community can join us June 22-23, 2019!

Fran Kick and a fantastic faculty of student leadership educators will inspire students to Kick It In® and Take the Lead. Having worked with Fran for over two decades, Music for All shares in his passion and mission to develop student leadership in all students, rather than just let it happen with a selected few.
Find more details at www.musicforall.org/leadership

Join Us!

for the 2020 Music for All Summer Symposium

June 22-27, 2020

Leadership Weekend: June 20-21

Ball State University

Leadership Weekend Experience Faculty

Frank Crockett

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Experimental Teambuilding Facilitator
Family Pastor, SouthBrook Christian Church, OH

Gus Denzik

Experiential Teambuilding Facilitator
Challenge Course Designer and Builder

Frank DiLallo

Author of Peace2U
Licensed Professional Counselor
Safe & Drug Free Schools Consultant
Toledo, OH

Fran Kick Headshot

Fran Kick

Division Head
Educational Consultant
Speaker and Author of Kick It In & Take The Lead
Centerville, OH

Scott Lang

Leadership Trainer
Author of Leader of the Band
Chandler, AZ

Tim Lautzenheiser headshot

Tim Lautzenheiser

Music for All Senior Educational Advisor
NAfME Tri-M® National Chairman

Norm Logan

Former Band & Orchestra Director, Farmington High School
Farmington, MI

Tom Pompei

Licensed Parelli Natural Horsemanship Professional Two-Star Instructor
Band Director, Centerville City Schools, OH

Billy Rulapaugh headshot

MGySgt. Billy Rulapaugh

The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps
Washington, DC

Billy Rulapaugh headshot

Matt Savage

Rhythm Alive

J.R. Snow

Leadership Weekend

Amy Suggs

Leadership Weekend

Frank Troyka

Former Director of Bands, Berkner High School
Richardson, TX

Lane Velayo

Executive Director, Indiana Music Education Association
Indianapolis, IN

What are students saying about Leadership at America’s Camp?

Your leadership philosophies are fantastic & really inspired me to share these leadership values with others.

Info was new and interestingly presented. You get information here that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Eye-opening. So many simple points put across and illustrated so that they really hit home.

Parent/Booster Institute

Music for All’s parent/booster training and advocacy programs and resources are key elements in Music for All’s vision to be a catalyst to ensure that every child across America has the opportunity and access to participate in music making in his or her scholastic environment.

What Should Your Child Bring?

June weather in Indiana is often unpredictable. Historical averages for this area range from 60°F-90°F and often include high humidity. Please keep that in mind when packing for camp.

Staying in Touch with your Student

The Music for All Headquarters staff is unable to receive and deliver messages to students by phone, unless an emergency requires immediately delivery. If you wish to speak with your child during the week, plan your calling schedule before your child leaves home.

Supervision and Health Info

Your child’s safety is our utmost priority. While at camp, your child is required to attend all classes, meals, concerts, and nightly floor meetings, where attendance is taken.