Leadership Weekend: June 22-24, 2024


You will interact with student leaders from across the country during a one-of-a-kind leadership weekend program created specifically for marching bands. Immerse yourself in a non-stop, interactive, leadership learning lab you will not find anywhere else. All students experience interactive leadership learning all weekend long – with rotating large-group, small-group, and experientially engaging sessions. Discover how we develop more student leaders than any other camp in the music education world. Summer Symposium attendees truly make things happen and take the lead!


Do you want more of your marching band students to have a positive impact on your program? Can you imagine what would happen if all of your student leaders constructively brought to life the leadership lessons you talk about? At Music for All’s Summer Symposium, we turn talk into action – involving your students in many unforgettable, hands-on activities including team building, problem-solving, and leadership learning. Developing socially responsible leadership—where students lead by example, believe in serving others more than themselves, and work for the greater good vs. what makes them look good!


Did you know research shows that pre-college leadership experiences predict most of the variance in college leadership outcomes? That means when students learn to lead in high school, their success in college leadership opportunities increases significantly. Give your student the positively life-changing experience of developing more of their future long-term leadership potential at the Leadership Weekend Experience.

No one needs a title to lead! And no one needs a title or a designated leadership position to attend this program! ANY student who wants to make a difference in their band, school, or community can join us!

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What are students saying about Leadership at America’s Camp?

Your leadership philosophies are fantastic & really inspired me to share these leadership values with others.

Info was new and interestingly presented. You get information here that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Eye-opening. So many simple points put across and illustrated so that they really hit home.

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