High school students with a passion for color guard: You don’t want to miss the Music for All Summer Symposium. Music for All’s color guard curriculum provides time with leading instructors and immerses students in hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. The Symposium brings together the rock stars of color guard, the leadership in the marching arts activity of Bands of America, and Music for All’s mission to create positively life-changing experiences, in order to provide the ultimate learning environment.

Differentiated Instruction – The Color Guard division will offer different levels of instruction in both equipment and dance that will help students develop their skills at the level that best fits their needs. This learner-focused curriculum will help every camper come away feeling stronger and more confident!

Master Class Opportunity – Those campers who demonstrate a high level of performance and skill on all three pieces of equipment and dance may audition to participate in our Master Class. This fast-paced division of our Color Guard track will challenge the most seasoned of performers, and will provide opportunities for those students who have mastered the basic color guard and dance skills.

Packing List/Final Performance Attire

Packing List

All students, regardless of division, should
bring the following items:

  • Comfortable clothes and closed toed shoes for walking around campus
  • Sweatshirt or light jacket for cooler weather
  • Rain gear for inclement weather (jacket, poncho, or umbrella)
  • Personal toiletries (bath soap, tooth brush, toothpaste, etc.
  • Towels and washcloths. Sheets, pillow, pillowcases, and blanket are provided by Ball State Housing
  • Sunglasses, hat, water bottle, and SUNSCREEN
  • Backpack, a spiral notebook, and pens/pencils

Optional: money or debit card for incidental purchases such
as souvenirs, snacks, etc. $50-$80 recommended.

In addition to these items, color guard students must also bring:

  • Athletic shorts and T-shirts/tops (NO halter or tube tops, boxer/spandex/short-shorts, or swimwear)
  • Lace-up athletic shoes (two pairs recommended) with proper arch support for all sessions, NO SANDALS ALLOWED
  • Warm-up suits/outside dancewear
  • Sports bras (to be worn under other tops ONLY)
  • Small towel
  • Dance shoes (not required; can be used during dance classes)
  • Students are required to bring any equipment they wish to spin during the week. They should bring their equipment in a simple equipment or flag bag. Each piece of equipment should be marked with student’s name, address, and school.
  • Most weapons are acceptable. Rifles must range from 36- 39“ and should be taped. White is the preferred color and straps are optional. Sabres vary based on experience, but recommended lengths are in the range of 36-39“. Either metal or plastic hilt will be acceptable for use. All weapon students may want to bring an additional weapon to Symposium in case of any breakage.
  • It is REQUIRED that ALL students, even those taking a rifle or sabre class, bring a flagpole (6 feet in height). Students should bring two solid colored silks (NOT show or performance flags) with the following size dimensions: 35’’x 50’’ (min) or 35’’x 60’’ (max). If silks with these dimensions are not available, please try and stay closer to 35”x 50”. One flag will be the primary practice flag for the week and the other will be available to use in case of inclement weather.
  • Please bring TWO 1” carriage bolts (found at local hardware store, 1-2” in length) to weight your flagpole. Flagpoles need to be weighted, as students WILL BE tossing throughout the week. If poles are already properly weighted, please bring extras.
  • It is recommended that all students bring white and black electrical tape in case of any needed repairs.

Final Performance Attire

  • Dark shorts (black, dark gray, dark blue)
  • Athletic shoes
  • DSI T-shirt (provided)

Join Us!

for the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium

June 27-July 2, 2022

Leadership Weekend: June 25-26

Ball State University

What are students saying about Color Guard at America’s Camp?

Not only do I have new skills, I have a new outlook on life and the way I interact with it as well.

What I learned this past week I will bring home with me to my guard and hopefully inspire them!

This camp truly is life-changing, and my only regret is that I didn’t come sooner!

Parent/Booster Institute

Music for All’s parent/booster training and advocacy programs and resources are key elements in Music for All’s vision to be a catalyst to ensure that every child across America has the opportunity and access to participate in music making in his or her scholastic environment.

What Should Your Child Bring?

June weather in Indiana is often unpredictable. Historical averages for this area range from 60°F-90°F and often include high humidity. Please keep that in mind when packing for camp.

Staying in Touch with your Student

The Music for All Headquarters staff is unable to receive and deliver messages to students by phone, unless an emergency requires immediately delivery. If you wish to speak with your child during the week, plan your calling schedule before your child leaves home.

Supervision and Health Info

Your child’s safety is our utmost priority. While at camp, your child is required to attend all classes, meals, concerts, and nightly floor meetings, where attendance is taken.

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