The Music for All Music Production Boot Camp curriculum is an immersive music production experience for high school students. Participants will study with award-winning recording engineers and producers in a state-of-the art facility. The Production Boot Camp experience is total immersion and hands-on production. Work with professional musicians and recording engineers as they record, mix, and master a production.

In a 10,000 square feet, state-of-the-art facility, students learn acoustics and recording techniques for electric and acoustic instruments. You will gain production skills for multiple genres such as Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, Jazz, and classical recordings. Make your own beats and produce your own mixes with professional guidance. Learn the basics of the industry standard Pro-Tools at an AVID certified institution.

Learn Pop and Rock theory from University-level songwriting and theory instructors. Learn the social media and marketing skills that will give you the edge in promoting your projects.

This is a no-compromise, immersive experience. You will have an unparalleled amount of practical experience and studio time.

  • Gain production skills
  • Produce your own beats
  • Work side by side with professionals
  • Do hands-on recording sessions with pro musicians
  • Learn to record and mix
  • Work with the finest gear available

Participant Expectations/Preliminary Selection
This is the summer experience for you if you have strong ambitions in music production and recording. You should already have done some home recording with your computer and know the basics of producing your music on your DAW.

Music Production Boot Camp Faculty

Nathan Bogert

Warren Davis

Producer/Engineer at Insomniac Studios (IL)

Cassius Goens

Akili McDuffey

Willy Robinson

Jeff Seitz

Ball State University School of Music Audio/Digital Systems Engineer

Christoph Thompson

Division Coordinator
Ball State University Director of Music Media Production Program and Recording Engineer

Joel Tucker

Sean Woodgett

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