Music for All will present four “Women in Music Education” scholarships to the 2017 Music for All Summer Symposium Directors’ Academy, presented by Yamaha. This opportunity is made possible by a generous donation made specifically to provide these 2017  “Women in Music Education” scholarships.

Diversity is one of Music for All’s stated Core Values. We continue to discuss and explore ways to offer opportunities to broaden our cultural experience. Read more about Music for All’s Core Values.


Application for the “Women in Music Education” scholarships is open to female high school and middle school band directors with a bachelor’s degree in music education or higher, who are currently – or aspire to be – a Directors of Bands (head band director) at the high school level. Female music education majors who aspire to be head band directors at the high school level may also apply.

Music for All is seeking candidates who represent the spectrum of progress on the professional path, from aspiring to established Directors of Bands. This award is presented to women who are making, or aspire to make, a significant and lasting contribution to bands and the art of music and music education.

Application and Application Requirements

Complete this online application by Sunday, May 21, 2017 to be considered. Scholarship applicants will be notified by email on Wednesday, May 24 if they have been awarded a scholarship.

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