As a former Orchestra student, being able to watch the Orchestra division brings back a lot of memories. I was able to travel to Atlanta and New York City in high school to play cello but I never attended the MFA Summer Symposium and I must say, I’m a bit jealous. These campers are able to rehearse in such beautiful spaces on a great campus.


It is hard to make it to every rehearsal for every division but I’m glad I was able to make the Chamber Orchestra rehearsal this morning. As I walked in there was a large TV screen connected to a laptop as the whole orchestra was facetiming with Kirt Mosier. Mosier composed a piece they will be playing this week titled Overture To The Wind.

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I couldn’t help but think “Okay…this is so cool!” Not only are these students talking to the composer of one of the pieces they are playing but they’re doing it miles away from each other. There really is no limit to who is being involved with the MFA Summer Symposium and in what capacity.

Along with stories and tips on the song, Mosier also gave the campers a few bits of advice. The one that stuck with me the most was “Mind over Matter.” You’re the one who is controlling the note that your instrument will play so there is never a reason to be unsure about what you’re about to play. Although this was translated specifically for orchestra students, they will be able to take this message with them far after camp is over.