Conlon Griesmer first gained knowledge of Music for All by participating in Bands of America in high school. He always felt supported by Bands of America and his music community. His exposure to Music for All as a participant sparked an interest in becoming a volunteer for the fall and spring seasons.

Through volunteering, Conlon was able to meet Music for All’s Events Team. After speaking with many members on the team, Conlon was encouraged to become a SWAG at Summer Symposium.

His experience as a SWAG proved itself to be such a humbling and rewarding experience because he had the opportunity to work closely with students. Watching them grow as musicians, leaders, and overall people was a different experience than he had ever had. Conlon found it intriguing to be able to work with the students in an individual, rather than ensemble setting.

When asked to compare his thoughts on Music for All as a student to his thoughts as a staff member, Conlon says, “I feel like I have taken my Music for All and Bands of America experiences from high school and I just think it has never stopped.”

Conlon believes his perspective of Music for All has changed since his involvement. “As a student, it was all about the experience. Now, it is still about the experience, but it is mostly about making sure I can make those experiences happen for other people. We are all servant leaders.”

Conlon advices future SWAG’s to soak in the experience, and take in the moment and I look forward to doing just that. Who’s with us?!