The Music for All Summer Symposium, presented by Yamaha, has been a part of the Muncie community since 2011. Ball State University is home for the Symposium, the third location in the events 42-year history. Music for All and Ball State have a commitment through 2023, and Ball State is a Corporate Sponsor of Music for All, Bands of America, and Orchestra America programming offered across the nation.

The Music for All Summer Symposium, “America’s Camp” is the largest residential summer music camp in the nation. More than 1,500 students and 300+ teachers from more than 30 states will be in attendance throughout the week (June 25 – June 30).

Music for All is a “member” of the Muncie community. Building community connections and growing and strengthening our outreach and service leadership relationship and roles within the Muncie community and its residents, are strategic commitment and priority.

As part of this commitment, this summer we are providing tickets for camp events that are open to Muncie community members to help improve our relationship and increase collaboration between Music for All, Ball State University, and the Muncie community. Our goals are to drive engagement, build community connectivity, and to serve as a resource and “value added” for organizations and programs, as well as those who served them, that provide value and contribute to the quality of life in Muncie and Delaware County.

The Summer Symposium Nightly Concert Series is one of the programs that distinguish the camp from others! Each evening features world-class artists and ensembles presenting a variety of musical performance genres and providing immersive performance experiences for camper students.

The 2018 Summer Symposium Evening Concert series includes:

  • Yamaha Young Performing Artists (by competitive audition artists destined to become stars)
    • Monday, June 25, 8 p.m. at Emens Auditorium
  • Boston Brass, Presented by Yamaha (great music and boisterous fun from a one of a kind chamber ensemble)
    • Tuesday, June 26, 8 p.m. at Emens Auditorium
  • Quattrosound (innovative unique sound blending jazz and classical music)
    • Wednesday, June 27, 8 p.m. at Emens Auditorium
  • The United States Army Field Band & Soldiers’ Chorus
    • Thursday, June 28, 8 p.m. at Emens Auditorium

Music for All is offering up to 200 tickets per night (Monday-Thursday) for the Summer Symposium Evening Concert series for use by organizations that meet the following criteria:

Type of Organization

To be eligible to participate in the program (and receive FREE concert tickets), eligible organization is one of the following:

    • Local non-profit organizations or programs funded by the Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County.
    • Muncie or Delaware based organizations or programs serving youth and/or families.
    • Muncie or Delaware based arts organizations
    • Ball State University arts program or organizations

Commitment to promote use of tickets provided

Each organization agrees to publicize availability of tickets, gather/consolidate/administer responses from its constituents, and to promote/remind recipients to actually use tickets received.

Each organization can set their own criteria for how they would use the tickets they request, but the intention is for the tickets to be used for:

  • People the organization serves
  • People who serve the organization, and/or
  • People the organization would like to reach (for service or engagement)

Each organization further commits to have a staff member or key volunteer present/attend on evenings tickets are used.

Suggestions for what organizations could consider using these tickets for:

  • Families and/or adults/youth served by the organization
  • Extension/integration of the concert experience into existing services and/or programs (field trips/club outings)
  • Rewards for staff and volunteers (and their families/guests)
  • Fundraising efforts (show appreciation for or added value to current or new donors)
  • Gifts to anyone the organization believes will advance and help build the quality of life and experience in Muncie/Delaware County!

How to Request Tickets
If your organization is interested in tickets to the Evening Concert series at the 2018 Music for All Summer Symposium, you can submit your request for 1-24* tickets, per night, through this online form: Ticket Request Form

*If an organization would like to request more than 24 tickets for a particular performance, they may do so my emailing their request to or calling Karissa Mills at 317-524-6217.

Note: The submission/request for tickets must be made by an employee or designated representative of the requesting organization

Music for All must receive all ticket requests a week prior to the performance that you are requesting tickets for.

Music for All requests that any organization utilizing this ticket offer provides a list of any adults, with their contact information, who the tickets were given to within 30 days following of the performance along with demographic information for all ticket recipients. Music for All also requests that participating organizations, as appropriate, recognize Music for All’s contribution, and provide a brief written summary of how tickets and program were used and benefited recipients.

We appreciate the involvement from arts organizations within the Muncie community, and we hope that this program is a first step and catalyst for local community engagement and delivery of our mission to create, provide, and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all.