Full tuition, room and board offered to attend 2016 Music for All Summer Symposium Directors’ Academy, presented by Yamaha.

Throughout its history, Yamaha Corporation of America has been committed to the success of America’s music educators.

We are thrilled announce a generous offer of 100 full-fee residential scholarships from Yamaha for qualifying band directors to attend the Directors’ Academy in 2016, June 27-July 2 at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

“Yamaha has always been the leader in support of music education, and it is core to our mission to make musical experiences accessible to all,” says Garth Gilman, general manager of Yamaha Corporation of America Band and Orchestral Division. “We are very excited to provide band directors of every situation and experience level with an opportunity to benefit from a program as valuable as the Directors Academy at the Music for all Summer Symposium, presented by Yamaha.”

“For more than 20 years, Yamaha and Music for All have been partners, dedicated to advancing music education and providing performance and teacher training for student and teacher growth,” says Marcia Neel, senior director of education for Yamaha Corporation of America Band & Orchestral division. “We look forward to bringing the incredible MFA symposium experience to even more directors.”

Qualifying Criteria for the Yamaha Scholarship

In order for a music educator to be eligible for a Directors’ Academy Scholarship, he/she must meet at least one of the following criteria, and have not attended Summer Symposium since 2012:

  • Educator teaches at a middle or high school where 40% or more of students are enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program.
  • Educator is an ethnic or other minority as defined and eligible for most Federal (US) governmental grant programs (African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Native Pacific Islander).
  • Educator teachers in a small or rural school/district setting (defined as a district in which 500 or fewer students are enrolled in grades 9-12).
  • Educator is in his/her first three years of teaching, or has completed a degree in music education within the last year and has an offer of employment as an ensemble music teacher.

How to Apply for the Scholarship 

The deadline to apply for the scholarship and register for camp is Tuesday, June 14, 2016.

To apply for this scholarship, click here and complete the qualification application. Your qualification will be verified and you will be contacted with instructions on how to register for the camp with the scholarship.

You can also contact Hallie Hugues, marketing specialist with Yamaha Corporation of America, by email at hhugues@yamaha.com.

Travel Stipend Offer

We recognize that some people may have travel impediments. We will offer to the first 12 directors who register and qualify for a travel stipend support as follows:

$125 toward travel for qualified scholarship registrants whose homes are 500 miles or more from Ball State University.

$250 toward travel for qualified scholarship registrants whose homes are 1,000 miles or more from Ball State University.

Verification of qualification of the travel stipend and information on how to receive it will be send with registration information upon completion of the Scholarship Application form linked to above.

We hope to see you at the Music for All Summer Symposium, presented by Yamaha!