Leadership means a lot of different things to different people. Most people would see it as a person who is the first one in the door in the morning and the last one to leave. Someone who stands in front of a group of people and gets the job done. Drum Majors all have a different definition of what leadership means to them.

This whole week they’ve been working on their abilities and skills for leadership and how to be the best drum major possible. One of the favorite sessions this week for the faculty and students is the Q&A session with every drum major camper and faculty member.

Before the session even started, clips from the movies Dead Poets Society and The Lion King were shown to the campers as different examples of leaders. There isn’t one particular kind of person who can be a leader but a lot of different ways to lead.

This was a time for the campers to ask all of their questions of the instructors that have been teaching them all week. The session became a lot more relaxed as opposed to a normal training session they’ve been having this week. Personally, it felt more like one on one time with some of the best drum major instructors a person could get.

Whether it was a question about conducting, mace, score study, or leadership itself, these campers got a ton of information that will stick with them. And yes mom and dad, they even took notes during the session. As this week is wrapping up, some of these campers are looking a little tired and are ready to hibernate in their own beds for the next few days. It’s a long week but the ones who still dance at the beginning of concerts and get the rest of the campers excited for the day ahead are typically the drum majors and that’s not always something that can be taught.