Last night was the last concert for the 2016 MFA Summer Symposium and I could not think of a better group to close out the concerts with other than Time for Three. Nick Kendall, Nikki Chooi, and Ranaan Meyer put on a spectacular show for our campers that mixed all types of music and crossed genres. They played songs such as Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Mumford and Sons “Little Lion Man” that our campers loved. The whole concert was a collection of songs that were recognizable to the audience but always had a fun twist to it.


Two violins and a bass isn’t your normal trio but these three aren’t your normal musicians either. All three of them used their whole instrument. Whether it was using parts of the bass as a drum or making a pizzicato guitar out of the violin, the new sounds kept everyone on their seats.

Our orchestra campers had the opportunity to practice and play with Time for Three during their concert last night. The songs Hallelujah and Sun Valley Reel sounded amazing with a full string orchestra backing up Time for Three. The two songs complimented each other very well with one being a softer ballad and the other being more strong and powerful by ending with all of the orchestra players standing, yes even the cellos, and playing on the end of the stage.



As MFA and our Summer Symposium camp continues to grow our orchestra program, this is the perfect way to bring students in. Band, color guard, percussion, and all students alike had a blast listening to this string group. I know I’d go to a concert by these three any day.