Instructions for TBA Registration

If your school would like to pay for students to attend the Summer Symposium or reserve spots for drum majors or other student leaders who will not be determined until later, please use the TBA Registration form. Shortly after you complete the form, we will send you sponsorship codes for each student to claim school funds, a discount code for them to receive $150 off their registration, and information on how to monitor your students’ registrations.

Codes must be passed off from the director to parents/guardians to complete registrations for their students so that consent forms can be signed and completed. Additionally, it is important that parents/guardians are the listed primary contact on the students’ registrations. In the event of an on-site emergency, we need to be able to contact a parent or guardian.

Sponsorship Code – Your students will use this to claim money that your school has paid when they register. It is not a discount, but it is a way for them to claim funds. Sponsorship Codes can only be used in the Sponsorship Code section during the check-out process.

Discount Code – your students will use this to get a discount on their Summer Symposium registration. Since a Sponsorship Code is not a discount, they can both be used on one registration. Discount Codes can only be used in the Discount Code section during the check-out process.

Register Students Using TBA Form

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