Camp starts in just about a week, and a week from tomorrow if you’re attending the Leadership Weekend! At this point, you probably know how you’ll be getting to camp and what your week will look like, yet you probably still need to pack your suitcase. Perhaps the questions crossing your mind are, what will I bring and how much should I bring with me? Well worry not, as we have a general list and a division specific list here for you to refer to as you pack your bags. Remember that June weather in Indiana can be unpredictable. Historically, the weather has averaged from the 60s to the 90s, with a possibility of rain, so prepare for all weather! Please note that the weather can change within a few days so keep checking the weather for Muncie as the days lead up to camp. Finally, the dorms at Ball State are well air-conditioned, so remember to pack accordingly so you stay cozy! Whether you’ll be with us for the general week of camp, the Leadership Weekend, or both you’ll be well-prepared for a lot of fun!

In addition to your division specific items you’ll be bringing, here’s a list of things I recommend to pack as well:

An extra pair of closed toe shoes: Trust me on this one. You’ll be on the go throughout the day and week, and the worst thing that could happen is for your shoes to fail on you. Whether they break-down or they get wet from inclement weather, having a nice, dry pair of shoes will save you a lot of trouble.

An outfit to spare: Like bringing an extra pair of shoes, having an extra outfit is necessary too. When I pack to go on a trip, I normally plan my outfit for each day, and I always sneak in a spare outfit to have just in case.

Your own water bottle: Refill throughout the week and stay hydrated!

Sunglasses: You will want to have a pair with you throughout the week, especially if you’re going to be outside every day. If you’re able to, bring a pair you can spare to lose rather than a valuable pair of sunglasses you love.

Rain gear: As mentioned before the weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to bring an umbrella and a light rain-jacket.

Sunscreen: Stay safe and keep covered with full spectrum sunscreen.

Notebook and pencil: You’ll want to take notes on all the amazing things you’re learning at Music for All!

Do be sure to check the division lists linked to above for “what to bring” to wear for your final performances and other materials needed for your classes and rehearsals. Happy packing!