I had the pleasure of experiencing activities for the Returning Leadership students held at ARK Christian Ministries. Activities include a climbing wall, giant swing, and team-building games. For many of the campers, this is challenging experience, physically and mentally. Many of these initial fears are eliminated by peer-support and the power of communication.

Campers learn to be encouraging to their peers as they face similar challenges together. Through this shared experience, they are able to bond. Many of the campers leave the course with new friends and appreciation for different leadership tactics. Not only can they learn from the staff at the course but they learn to take constructive criticism from their peers.

In addition to ropes course activities, the second-year campers and above are able to partake in activities that require a multitude of problem-solving skills. Together the campers use critical thinking skills that are life-changing and will help them with leading their peers in their future endeavors.

It was truly a joy to experience this with the campers. I look forward to seeing more positively life-changing experiences at the 2019 Summer Symposium.