The SWAG team is full of dedicated men and women who have a passion for service. “They are the hardest working group of individuals you will meet,” says Carrie Miller, SWAG Team Leader. They arrive on campus ready to connect, learn, and help facilitate positively lifechanging experiences for the campers. The SWAG team members act as camp counselors to the students by providing learning experiences, fostering relationships, and serving others throughout the entire Leadership Weekend Experience and Summer Symposium.

Many of the members of the SWAG team are young professionals who wish to volunteer their time and talents to the organization. In many cases the SWAG team is composed of Summer Symposium Alumni who want to give back by helping to create the same experience for young people that had such a positive impact on their own lives.  

notable SWAG alumni is Music for All’s own Conlon Griesmer. Conlon is a Music for All Event Coordinator who was first introduced to the organization by participating in Bands of America. Conlon believes his perspective of Music for All has changed since his involvement. “As a student, it was all about the experience,” says Griesmer. “Now, it is still about the experience, but it is mostly about making sure I can make those experiences happen for other people. We are all servant leaders.” 

The SWAG team serves as a vital role for all campers and the Summer Symposium would not be the same without their hearts of service and compassion for our campers. We love our SWAGs!