Today, I had the pleasure of participating in the Returning Leaders activities at Ark Christian Ministries. There are quite a few things that I learned while going through the ropes course, and listening to Tom Pompei’s session involving love languages, leadership, and body language:

  1. When leading a group of people/peers, it is important to be cautious of the audience. Introverts tend to not respond well to overly fanatical enthusiasm. However, extroverts are more accepting to this type of leading.
  2. It is always great to have strong leaders in a program, but when there are multiple strong leaders in one place, they have to learn to incorporate everyone’s ideas. Some leaders have different strengths than others.
  3. A ropes course is a great way to encourage team building skills. Campers were able to learn to trust their groups, and learn how to support each other through every obstacle.
  4. When climbing to the top of the of the course, it is important not to look down! You will always be faced with challenges when striving to reach your goal. You may fall, but there will always be a net to catch you. From there, you just continue to climb.

I had a great time watching the camper’s reactions and seeing when they have had those “Ah-Ha” moments. It was an enlightening experience for both me, and the campers.

I can’t wait to capture our camper’s excitement during the rest of the Summer Symposium!