By Paris Baptiste

The Opening Session of the 2023 Music for All Summer Symposium, presented by Yamaha ignited the atmosphere at Ball State University with amazing displays of talent, excitement, and inspiration. Camp faculty and representatives from Music for All and Ball State University gave opening remarks, setting the stage for a transformative week. Students met presenters and performers with applause and admiration, excited to kick off the week.

Jeff Young, Music for All’s Director of Camps, reminded students, “It’s really about the life lessons, the experiences… It’s about us going through this together during this upcoming week!”

The auditorium was bursting with excitement as the Quantico Marine Corps Brass Band launched into popular tunes that had the campers singing and clapping along. The brass band will also participate in instruction throughout the week and give a full-length performance on Tuesday, which will be open to the public.

Percussion division faculty showcased their talents for the campers. Students cheered as drumsticks danced effortlessly over snares and tenors. Over time, the applause synchronized with the rhythms from the percussion to form one sound full of excitement.

Campers also heard from Dr. Seth Beckman, Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Ball State University. Dr. Beckman shared the same enthusiasm that was expressed throughout the entirety of the session. In his own words, “We are thrilled that you will be spending this week with us. We’re committed to all of you working hard, having a great time working hard, and building relationships that extend through your entire careers.”

The opening session concluded with a leadership demonstration from Fran Kick, which left students inspired and ready to begin a week of positively life-changing experiences. Campers left the auditorium with the motivation to learn, an understanding of how to do so safely, and the knowledge that they’re in a community of students, staff, volunteers, and directors that want nothing more than to support their passion for music.

Watch the opening session here.