It’s only the first day of camp and I’m already in awe. I feel like a kid in a candy store wanting to try all of the sweets but in this case it’s visiting all of the different divisions. There is always so much going on that the day seems to be going by faster than I’d like.

I visited color guard first and was mesmerized by the color and movement these campers had to offer. On a normal day, the Quad is full of green grass and trees paired with a blue sky but during camp it is a full rainbow.

Color Guard 1

I was lucky enough to catch this moment with the campers and their instructor, Nathan Jennings. Promise me you’ll watch until the very end.

Next I visited the percussion division. I’ve always been so impressed with the discipline and precision percussionist have to have. I can hold a steady beat just as well as anybody, but these guys are amazing. I took a quick video which they thought was a picture so excuse my giggling towards the end. These tenor drummers may be intense but I know they’ll always strike a pose when I need them to.