Harrison was part of the group from Australia that came to the 2017 Summer Symposium. Ian came to the 2017 Summer Symposium by himself, not knowing anyone. After a long day of travel followed by a full morning on that first day of camp, Harrison and Ian introduced themselves to each other in the elevator of their dorm room, not knowing they were about to form a really special friendship.

As it turned out, Harrison and Ian were both on quads in the Marching Percussion Division and were able to really strengthen that friendship right out of the gate. Fast forward one year later, and they are both at the 2018 Summer Symposium together. They kept in touch all throughout the following school year and Harrison was able to fly back across the pond early, stay with Ian’s family, and attend the camp for the second time. This time around, they both have a wealth of knowledge and advice for fellow campers.

They encourage campers and people who are thinking of attending to step out of their comfort zones and not be afraid to talk to people. In their opinion, everyone is here to grow together and there is no camp quite like this. The energy is electric and they want all of us to soak in every moment that we can because to them, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Don’t forget to keep up with the friends you’re making during your time with us. We’re lucky enough to live in an age where social media and technology allow us to keep in touch with people literally across the world. It can be tough, especially when school starts, but hold on to the memories you make here and they will hold on to you. Let’s enjoy our last few days together and look to Harrison and Ian as an example of how deep the friendships we make here truly run.