If I could describe the Quattrosound concert in one word, it would be: “breathtaking.” It was absolutely magnificent to see the reaction from the students when Quattrosound took the stage. The energy in the room from the moment they started playing was absolutely indescribable. I was still backstage when the concert started and I heard “Let me hear you scream!” followed by the loudest cheer coming from the campers I had heard yet, so I immediately ran around to the front of the house to see every person in the room on their feet and dancing to the white-hot fire of latin music coming from the stage.

Quattrosound is based out of L.A. and is comprised of Leah on violin, Kay-Ta on guitar, Jorge on percussion, and Giovanna on cello. Did mention they are all on vocals at the same time? It was truly unlike anything I had seen before, to the point that I immediately called and texted my fellow marketing team members to tell them to high-tail it over to Emens as soon as possible.

I got to watch the rest of the concert from stage left with my intern Kayla, who had the chance to see the Quattrosound dress rehearsal and interview Kay-Ta earlier in the day. We were in utter amazement at the raw talent and passion coming off the quartet. The campers were loving every second of it with us. From hearing a mash-up of Habanera and All About That Bass, to sweet and passionate Spanish ballads, we were all locked in to every single note being played.

The performance climaxed when every member of the Orchestra division came to the stage to play the final two pieces with Quattrosound. I can’t describe the energy enough from the students; from the violins sounding like a wall of sound, even from stage left, to the head-banging bassists, it was a performance I’m so glad I got to witness.

I can’t sing Quattrosound’s praise enough. Not only were they the beacon of poise and musicianship on stage, I got to see them interact with the students post-performance and you would’ve thought the students were talking to Beyonce. As I walked around and patiently waited for my turn to take a photo with them, I got choked up listening to two campers talk about how they weren’t entirely sure about continuing to play in orchestra as their high school years progressed but coming here and playing with Quattrosound made them see how cool being a string player is. That’s the beauty of what we do at the Summer Symposium. We get to see lives being changed by simply showing a drummer you can sing and play drums at the same time while looking like a million bucks doing it or showing a cellist that you have the power to be a literal rockstar with your instrument if you want.

To all of the parents, I wish you could’ve been there with us. To all of the campers, thank you for letting me share in this absolutely incredible experience with you. It was truly life-changing.