It’s Thursday morning and the brand new Music Production Boot Camp is well underway at the Music for All Summer Symposium! Yamaha Artist Chuck Ainlay is excited to be leading the young producers and composers in a Music Production adventure.

Being one of the small and mighty divisions at camp means that each student can interact closely with the faculty and professional recording equipment, as well as with each other. Each student who is participating in the Music Production division has varying levels of experience in home recording and composition. Throughout this week they will be receiving feedback on their work from their instructors and peers to finesse their skills. These campers are learning advanced techniques to improve their style and inspire them to create their own individual flair.

It was so interesting to witness the attention to detail that goes into the technical side of music. We are so used to hearing music once it’s a finished product but there are many other details that go into a single song or piece of music and sound in general. Things like the acoustics, the professional software, and even how to market yourself on social media are all so important to producing a successful piece of music. The campers are learning music theory and composition on top of all of the sound engineering. I think that makes the Music Production Bootcamp stand out even more because not only are they learning their craft, the classes they are taking apply to all levels of their music making and will make them so much more rounded musicians, armed with important knowledge that will help benefit their programs back home. I now have a greater appreciation for the music we know and love. Who knows? Maybe the next big hit will be composed by one of the campers at Music for All Summer Symposium’s first Music Production Boot Camp!