The mission of the U.S. Army Field Band:

“To serve and inspire the American people by telling the Army story and honoring our Soldiers and Veterans at home and abroad as The Musical Ambassadors of the Army.”

The U.S. Army Field Band has inspired me and many other people tonight on the fourth night of our Summer Symposium Concert Series. The concert began with an incredible rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Then the band performed a slew of popular tunes such as music from the The Incredibles and the pleasing medley Music of American Radio which included famous songs like Superstition, My Guy, and I Will Survive, as well as many others. This piece featured many talented vocalists. The trombone section was featured in the Ernesto Lecuona piece Malagueña which added a distinct latin flair that left the audience cheering.

After the pop music selection, the repertoire of the evening transitioned into a patriotic theme. There was a handful of students that had the opportunity to perform on stage with the band. I can only imagine the adrenaline they felt as they played America the Beautiful with such a renowned group of musicians. To pay tribute to all branches of the United States military, the Army Field Band played the Armed Forces Salute which is a medley of each branches song. Of course no patriotic musical selection is complete without Sousa’s famous march Stars and Stripes Forever. That march makes me so excited for the Fourth of July celebrations in a few days!

The evening concert was concluded with the outstanding performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812. This piece never fails to get me excited! Each section of the music is so different and so inspiring in unique ways. Of course the addition of the choir put this performance over the top! I had chills the entire time. Hearing this piece gives makes me feel patriotic, empowered, and excited. There is nothing like a piece of music that calls for a canon as a musical instrument.

If you attended this concert, tell me your favorite parts as well as how the U.S. Army Field Band inspired you this evening. We are so thankful you shared your beautiful music with us here at the Music for All Summer Symposium!