After a long day of attending leadership sessions and activities, bonding with new friends and their SWAGS, the campers were treated to a celebration out in front of Pruis Hall!

There were some fantastic tunes, snacks, and lots of t-shirts given out. What’s so special and interesting about the t-shirts, is the tradition of getting everyone to sign your shirt before it’s worn for the entire division photo that is taken on the last day of the Leadership Weekend. It gives the campers the chance to know one another and of course make everlasting memories! Even Fran Kick, Leadership Weekend Coordinator, had a line of people waiting to have him sign their shirt.

The overall atmosphere was so enthusiastic and fun, I couldn’t help but smile myself. Campers and SWAGS were doing the Cupid Shuffle, many new friendships were forming, and I even got the chance to speak with someone who will be participating in the Drum Major Institute, as she told me how she met so many new people and was having the time of her life. As someone who has never attended camp, this kind camaraderie and bonding was so unique and pure to witness, and it’s only the beginning of the fun that is yet to happen for the full week of camp!