Our first concert to kick off the week comes from the Yamaha Young Performing Artists. These musicians truly redefine the meaning of talent! Coming from all around the world, the Yamaha Young Performing Artists gather in Muncie to give an amazing concert for our campers and the Muncie Community.

Throughout the night, the campers stayed on the edges of their seats as they admired the works of such incredible musicians that aren’t much older than them. As I watch the students sway, clap, and hum along to the music, I get a strong feeling that this is going to be an amazing week.

It is always refreshing to take a step back from playing and taking the time to listen and enjoy the musicianship being offered by our peers. I hope our campers leave this concert with the inspiration to continue their musical journeys for the simple joy of music making. Tomorrow, they will be able to take a deep dive into the passions that they share with each other, and with the Yamaha Young Performing Artists.

This annual concert never fails to impress me!  Music is such a powerful outlet that touches the lives of many. Tonight’s performances gave me chills. I am so happy to see our campers experience something as positively life-changing as this. I look forward to the nightly concerts to come for the rest of the week.