Word of mouth is a powerful tool! Some of the best and most exciting information comes from hearing someone else talk about their experiences. Today, Max Hall told us about how he heard about the Summer Symposium.

After a long Bands of America competition day in Bowling Green, OH, Max took a post-show trip to the Waffle House. Just like any band kid after a long competition day, Max was still wearing his show shoes, a percussion shirt, and a long days’ worth of sweat. Ironically enough, one of the Symposium SWAGs, Patrick Mainieri, whose home base is in Illinois, just so happened to be at the same Waffle House at the same time as Max. After helping out with the Bowling Green show, Patrick had the same idea of grabbing a post-show snack. He recognized the fresh band performance look Max was sporting and decided to engage his family in a conversation about music and the Summer Symposium.

Before running into Patrick, Max had no idea about the Summer Symposium, but he is so thankful to have been able to learn about such an amazing opportunity. Max says that he is already planning to come back next year. There are a few things he has learned that he plans to take back to his school, “You have to focus on technique, not just the rhythms”. Being able to apply what he has learned at camp back at home is what Max is most excited for. He went on to say his time at the Summer Symposium made him feel like he will be returning back to school with a head start for band camp.

Max hopes to be accompanied by his friends at the Summer Symposium next year. The stars truly aligned for such an iconic moment at midnight in an Ohio Waffle House. It is so cool to know that our SWAGs are always willing to speak so highly about our camp and encourage students and parents to attend. I look forward to seeing Max again next year with a few of his friends by his side.