Nurse Tamara Bowen, RN, BSN, MHA is from Winston-Salem, NC and has been a part of the Music for All Summer Symposium for four years. Her husband, Dr. Kevin Bowen, is the Director of Bands at Wake Forest University. It was through her connection to the university that she was first introduced to Music for All. While volunteering at a Bands of America event, she learned more about our programming and was soon asked to return to join forces with the Music for All Summer Symposium medical staff. She has been back every year since.

Nurse Tamara is famous for her positive attitude, contagious smile, and her selfies! Every year Tamara takes selfies with many different people and shares them on social media to remember her time at the Summer Symposium.

“The people I meet are from every area around the camp—I love taking selfies with them because it is the one time each year we all get to see, encourage, and catch up on life with each other,” Tamara explains. “The selfies remind me of them all through the year and reminds me that every single person involved with this camp makes it a wonderful, self-healing, and emotionally uplifting experience for one another. We all collaborate toward the goal of making sure the interactions we provide with all participants turn out to be positively life-changing!”

Nurse Tamara’s uplifting and eager approach to meeting new people puts her patients at ease and helps those in need of medical attention at camp feel calmer. I know I truly enjoy watching Tamara’s selfies roll in during this time of year, as well as interacting with her throughout the school year. Tamara’s positive attitude and sincere care for all people is contagious; she is such a wonderful example to all students and faculty of how to form genuine and lasting connections with others.