The Jazz Ambassadors concert is underway. The campers are on their feet chanting USA taking the excitement to a new high. I love the welcoming atmosphere in the auditorium tonight! They even sang the National Anthem louder than the ensemble on stage! Needless to say, this is going to be a very fun night.

I can’t help but to tap my foot and dance along to the many jazz classics being played. The trombone muted slides, saxophone trills, and the groovy drum set are keeping me on my toes! Just when I thought the concert couldn’t get any better, a soulful guest vocalist took the stage by force with such a beautiful bluesy tone. He is effortlessly engaging the campers from all divisions.

The Jazz Ambassadors are giving us a chance to appreciate a multitude of jazz classics mixed with a few latin tunes. I love the variety of the music! What makes this performance even more special is seeing a few of our very own campers playing on stage with the Jazz Ambassadors. They fit right in and sound amazing! They are truly professionals in the making.

Of course, there is no other way to close out the concert than with a jazzy Armed Forces Medley. I am so thankful to have witnessed such an amazing concert!